Large Custom Business Logo Sign- Laser Cut Custom Signs (Vector AI, EPS, or DXF required)

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 Create your Metal Business Logo Sign that is sure to leave a great first impression of professionalism with your customer! Display it on your door greeting customers, inside or outside of your office or company building. Make your own single color sign. Simply fill out the option selections and send us an image of your logo; we will do the rest!

All metal logo signs are NOT created the same. First, we use premium cold-rolled American-made steel which is a purer grade metal which is stronger, smoother surface finish. Parts and products made from cold-rolled steel generally have a smooth and shiny surface that is free of rust and scale. Most companies use a cheaper, highly recycled, hot rolled steel which is melted together making it a weaker metal that has a surface mill scale. Second, each sign is hand-designed, manually cleaning up each cut, smooth flowing lines, depth of wider areas back to thinner areas rather than having the auto trace tool create the design which leaves flaws and jagged cut lines. Then we use a high-end fiber laser to cut each design and powder coat with professional equipment rather than the small homemade ovens that some sellers use. It's all in the details and when you look at the details, you will see the difference, and so will your customers! Your reputation matters to us!

Our Metal Business Signs are made from 14ga steel and offer more rigidity than the thinner, 16ga, or 18 gauge. 14ga is a thicker and heavier metal that ensures rigidity while keeping weight to a minimum making our pieces lightweight and hang-able on just about any surface without sacrificing quality.


Choose your Size, Color, & Shape for your Business Logo Sign!

Available Sizes


12 X 12
12 X 18
12 X 24
12 X 30
12 X 36
12 X 42
12 X 48
12 x 60
18 X 18
18 X 24
18 X 30
18 X 36
18 X 42
18 X 48
18 x 60
18 x 72
24 X 24
24 X 30
24 X 36
24 X 42
24 X 48
24 x 60
30 X 30
30 X 36
30 X 42
30 X 48
30 x 60
36 X 36
36 X 42
36 X 48
36 x 60
42 X 42
42 X 48
47 X 47


  1. Length and Width will be based on the layout of the logo. For example if you need an 18" W x 12" T - select 12 x 18, If you need 12" W x 18" T - select 12 x 18.
  2. For a custom size please select the closest size up and request a cut down: for example- 18" x 14" Please select the 18" x 18" and ask us to cut down to 18" x 14" example: for a 16" x 16" sign you would select the 18" x 18" and request a cut-down. (We can not cut up - only cut down).
  3.  Not all logos will work in a size smaller than 24" x 24"- depending on the detail and elements.  Prior to ordering, please email the Ai, Dxf, or SVG vector file of the logo to and we are happy to verify size requirements.