Clear Coat Protectant


Clear Coat Type

Standard Clear Coat Outdoor Clear Coat Coastal Clearcoat ( this is for use within 75 miles of saltwater exposure- see listing details for maintenance)

Clear Coat Protectant


Clear Coat Type

Standard Clear Coat Outdoor Clear Coat Coastal Clearcoat ( this is for use within 75 miles of saltwater exposure- see listing details for maintenance)
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ALL RAW METAL SIGNS (both with and without a clear coat) may show flaws and imperfections that exist in the metal. This may include scratches, flecks, gouges, burns, rings, dark spots, etc. This can give the metal a unique, rustic, or rugged appearance that very trendy in the “Modern Farmhouse Décor”. If you would like these characteristics covered, we recommend selecting a colored powder coat finish. Raw Metal also varies in color from light silver to black depending on the mill lot. We have no control over the color of raw metal.

IMPORTANT REGARDING CANDY AND TRANSPARENT COLORS: Candy colors and transparent colors are fully transparent. Any flaws that exist in the metal underneath the color will show through the color and be visible. This includes scratches, blemishes, cut marks, burns from the cutting process, etc.

*******AN ADDITIONAL MARINE-GRADE CLEAR COAT SEALANT WILL BE REQUIRED FOR SOME ITEMS UNDER EXTREME CONDITIONS - All of our powder coats are good for normal indoor/ outdoor use, but if your item will be in prolonged extended direct sunlight (example: beach or desert), or if you live within 50 miles of a saltwater environment, you will need an additional marine-grade clear coat sealant if this item will be outside. The clear coat will help at extending the life of the coating. Please note: Saltwater is a known corrosive and will require additional clear coats at least once a year to maintain the finish (possibly more often in some cases)**********

• United States - All packages will ship via Ground Shipping unless Rush or Priority Shipping is purchased. Packages generally deliver within 3-5 business days, but please allow up to 7 in case of delay.

• Free shipping is ONLY for the CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES. Please contact us for shipping to HAWAII or ALASKA

• We ONLY SHIP TO THE ADDRESS ON THE ORDER because of sales tax laws and Credit Card/ PayPal protection.
•Orders with incorrect shipping address: 
After the order has been scheduled or shipped we CANNOT change the shipping address or reroute the package.  We will have to wait for the returned package by the carrier and a new shipping label will be purchased.  Free shipping is only offered for the 1st initial shipment.  



Our products are warrantied to be free from material defects in workmanship, materials, and construction from the date of delivery for 30 days when used for normal indoor or outdoor use.
EXCLUSIONS: Our products are not warranted against normal wear & tear, accidents, abuse, neglect, or damage resulting from improper use, mounting, care, storage, or saltwater exposure. Because many of our products are handcrafted & made with natural materials, variations in size, shape, & color can be expected.

* Lake/Marine/Saltwater use is not considered a normal outdoor environment. We do not warranty any product that has exposure to saltwater or brackish water. We recommend regular cleaning & the add-on clearcoat for any saltwater exposure.

All our items excluding the raw metal options are powder coated. We use a high-grade powder coat finish to color our items. We offer both indoor and outdoor finishes.  Powder coating provides a beautiful long-lasting finish but like most household items, it will require proper care and maintenance. All items should be handled with care. Clean your item with mild dish soap, soft cloth, and water only. Do not use any cleaner on your item that you would not use on your car. Do not use bleach, pressure washing solution, or any harsh cleaners as they will deteriorate teh finish and cause discoloration and damage.

Our powder coat manufacturer recommends that a clear coat sealant be added over the powder coat at least once every 1-2 years for any products that are used outdoors in order to extend the life of the finish.

Saltwater/ salt-air is a known corrosive, if your item is displayed outdoors & you located within 75 miles of saltwater exposure, you may require a clear coat more often to maintain the finish.

Damaged: If your item becomes damaged in any way (i.e. a nick, scratch, flake, or break in the powder coat finish), you will need to apply a clear coat sealant to the area of damage IMMEDIATELY to prevent the exposed metal from rusting. You can purchase a Rust-oleum spray-on clear coat from your local hardware store.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 96 reviews
Marcia Trantow
It was shipped several days earlier than w...

It was shipped several days earlier than what was told to me, which was a lovely surprise! I It is true to color. Very professional looking. Because this was for our house in Florida, we had the commercial grade clear coat put on it. Well worth the extra $10 because of the sun and salt air.

Rhonda Schamberger
I absolutely love it! I really appreciate...

I absolutely love it! I really appreciate the great communication and hard work that made this creation come true. AWESOME WORK! GREAT SELLER! FAST SHIPPING!

Emily DePalma (Dunellen, US)
Clear Coat Protectant

The clear coat is great! I wasn’t looking for anything shiny because I prefer a matt look. This was perfect.

Amy Stark
Absolutely fantastic product and top-notch...

Absolutely fantastic product and top-notch customer service! We ordered a 36-inch Moose address circle in black bronze for our mountain home in Colorado and it is exactly what we wanted for the space. Impeccable quality both front and back, great powder coating colour with a protective coating and no sharp edges. We made a slight change to the personalization and customer service was easy to work with and quick to respond. Product arrived on time in more than adequate packaging. Super happy with the purchase!!! Photos included - the green area is included to edit out the address, obviously not on the sign! 🙂

Kristin Littel
Well made and exactly what I wanted. Highl...

Well made and exactly what I wanted. Highly recommend!

Kerstin (Lancaster, US)

Clear Coat Protectant

David & Susan Thierlein (Lewis Center, US)

It was beautiful

Patricia Kuvalis
I ordered a black metal sign for the woode...

I ordered a black metal sign for the wooden gate leading to our garden. It was exactly what I wanted! It is very well made and was shipped quickly. The craftsmanship is excellent. Thank you so much! We love it.

Virginia McDowell (Rockport, US)
Happy Valentine’s

Absolutely love the Valentine Heart! The ease of decorating with an easy over the door notched piece is simple and elegant. The neighbors have been knocking on my door asking where I purchased it!

Debbie Finch (Hesperia, US)

Love it ! Glad it will stay protected to enjoy outdoors and a long time !!